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Control Room & Studios

Control Room

  • ProTools HD
  • Suited for pre-production, tracking, mixing and mastering
  • Neve 1272 Vintage Mic Pre’s
  • Ward Beck 460M Channel Strips
  • Vintage Trident side-car
  • Digidesign Focusright Control 24 Console
  • Tuned for accurate mixing
  • Neumann Monitors and KRK S10 Sub Woofer
  • Vintage and current state-of-the-art synthesizers and samplers (Huge MIDI Production system!)
  • Room Dimensions: 14ft. x 15ft.


Simple and comfortable. A place to relax in between recording takes.



All projects begin in soundroom Studio A where vocal-tracks, acoustic, brass and woodwind instruments are captured with every nuance intact!

  • Warmest room available on the south-side!
  • Soft-room designed for close-mic instruments
  • Tight or close perspective sound sources
  • Room flexibility may add warmth and presence to vocals
  • Dimensions: 20ft. x 15ft.


Soundroom Studio B…the BIG room! High ceilings, hardwood and carpeted floors, loads of space and lots of acoustic possibilities.

  • Suited for large ensembles and bands with requiring isolation between instruments
  • Applications include: drums, strings, piano, wind instruments, guitar room-returns, choir and small orchestra
  • An open, airy and reverberant space
  • Completely diffuse-void of early reflections
  • Includes two amp-closets for isolated tracking
  • “Killer” drum room
  • Relocatable sound isolation walls
  • Dimensions: 38ft. x 20ft., Amp Closets (2) 5ft. x 6ft.
  • Ceiling: 14ft.